Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Different Levels of Books?! (the three R's)

 I often remember the quote that "the books you read now will determine who you are 5 years from now". I think that is so true! I thought of a theory this morning about "strategical book reading", and different levels of book reading. My thoughts drifted to this because recently I was reading a few books that were refreshing but not challenging. These were good books reminding me of basics of discipleship and church...but they were talking about stuff that I had heard before. I realized that while they were doing a good job reminding me and keeping me fresh on the importance and essentials of discipleship, they were not really igniting any hunger or new sparks of thought in me. However, I see the value in reading the basic inspirational books not just the professors and academics. Anyways, as I was thinking through all of this I came up with a plan to read three different types of books. While there is definitely overlap in these areas, I think it is important to keep a mix of all of these types:

1. Reminder/Refresher
These are books that remind me and refresh me on the basics of Christianity. They might be used for devotional books, or late at night reading right before bed. Right now I am reading "multiply" by Francis Chang, it seems more geared to new believers and people who don't know the bible. But I am skimming through it to see it's method of discipleship and to get a refreshing on the core elements of gospel and discipleship. I am also re-reading Richard Foster's "celebration of discipline". It is such a sweet and challenging book, really good to keep this in mind!

2. Relative Books
These are books that fit with where I am at in life and what I am working on. For instance I am trying to start a bible course for local taiwanese, so I am thinking through education and how to use technology with education. So I just bought a book called "one world classroom" by Sal Khan, a guy who created a classroom online! I also am thinking alot about missional living and the church/city, so I want to read Tim Keller's "city center" it is his theological manifesto of how he does and sees church. Both of these books will fuel the fire of what I am working on and thinking about now!

3. Rational Benders
I don't know if this is a good title for these books, but I wanted 3 r's! But I basically mean the books that I have to read slowly and chew on in order to understand, the books that raise my intellectual high-bar. The books that teach me and challenge me on every new page. These can range from classics like Calvin's Institutes or Aquians' summa theoligica to modern day professors and authors who are way smarter than me.

It is good to find a balance in all these books...are you challenging your brain and refreshing your soul with the books you read...a real good book will do both!

1st Post

Welcome to Rummage!
I was working on my supporters blog the other week, when I realized how easy and fun it is to make a decent blog on blog-spot! I got excited about the idea of creating a personal blog, to throw out random writings, studies, book reviews, video-clips...the whatnot! This is kind of a continuation of an idea that me and Zack Mills started last year, when we tried to make a "community blog" called sanctorum communio, named after Dietrich Bonhoeffer's first book- a book about the sociology of the church. (Never actually read the book...i consider that a must-do of 2013). While sanctorum communio is still running, in more ways than the blog, the blog has come to a bit of a stand-still, you can go to the site and check out the archives...for some good links and clips http://sanctorumcommunio.tumblr.com/.
Anyways..while I am not sure where the sanctorum communio blog will go, I wanted to start this blog..this rummage spot.

I got the name rummage...because when I was first making a template I turned to my friend Jay Werner and asked him to "say the first word that came to his mind"...it was...rummage....hmm, interesting fellow :)

I looked up the definition and liked it, felt like it fit with where the blog was coming from and where it was going. The thoughts, articles, papers, videos...all come out of my own personal rummagings, ravagings, hunts...the pursuit of the kingdom. That is where these articles and posts are birthed from. But at the same time, it ends up collecting in a slightly organized haphazard pile for others to rummage through.

Through the services of blogger, I can archive and organize the sporadic and constant flow of info and thought I go through in my life of bible teaching, book reading, missionary working, disciple doing, people pursuing, Jesus following...after sometime hopefully this can be a descent resource pile for some who would wish to look through it. Blessed be you if you do! I enjoy every comment and follow as the journey of rummaging begins!

Please type your e-mail on the follow bar below if you want to receive daily updates from this blog. If not, just check it when it suits you. My heart in having people follow this blog is two-fold, I hope people are blessed by what they read and receive...but I also like to have other eyes on what I am writing, reading and watching...as a form of accountability and counsel. I love to help others learn, and I love to learn from others. So this blog is more than a one-sided convo, hopefully its 3-way...me, others and the trinity!